To enable safer, faster, and more accessible interventional care through innovations in medical imaging and XR1.



Salil S. Joshi, M.D.

Chief Clinical Advisor


Prashant Chopra

Founder & First


Linda Chan

Head of Product


Vikram Simha

Adviser - Business Strategy


Geoffrey D. Rubin, M.D.

Adviser - Cardiovascular Imaging


Matthew Lungren, M.D.

Adviser - Intelligent Imaging

We're standing tall to the harms of fluoroscopy

... so you don't have to. Welcome, to zero radiation holographic care !

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Moving away from contrast laden procedures to AR in healthcare seems inevitable.

An Industry Expert
Propel(X) Investor Portal

This has the potential to transform (cardiovascular) interventions by removing the need for radiation and contrast, leading to safer and more effective therapies that are more widely available.

Anonymous, M.D.
Chair, Division of Vascular Surgery, A renowned University.

This is a novel technique in a fairly new space, AR in healthcare is quite new.

A Clinical Expert

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